IMG_2102sWorkshops are very much our speciality.

We can offer sessions exploring a range of Greek tragedies, including Medea, Oedipus, Hippolytus and Agammemon etc.
For each play, we have our own “first act”, covering the back story, which would already be known by a Classical audience. This makes our workshops accesible to any group, regardless of their level of Classical knowledge.

We also create workshops based around any aspect of Greek and Roman mythology, literature or culture – for example, the myth cycles of the Trojan War, Perseus, Jason, Heracles, Theseus, Daedalus, Greek and Roman comedy, epic poetry etc. – incorporating the conventions and history of Greek theatre.

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All workshops include interactivity, getting the audience involved with the action and encouraging them to take part in crucial scenes, be it through voting, or acting parts themselves.

We are as comfortable performing in a small classroom as we are a theatre, and will bring along anything from a throne, to a few pillars, or even a real ekkuklema!

Though there are obviously costs involved in running the company, as a non-profit making organisation we aim to make our workshops as affordable as possible.

Through the generosity of Hereford Cathedral School, from where the company originated, we are also able to offer a number of workshops in their studio theatre to local schools and charities free of charge.

All our workshops are custom built; if you would like to discuss your ideas with us please fill in the form below.

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At Kaloi k’Agathoi we are proud of the positive response we get from pupils and teachers alike. Here are just some of the comments we have recieved from the pupils…

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